Clean-up times are excluded!

19:30-21:15Mixed training
21:00-22:30Mixed training
The training is provided by:Milou, Raymond of Sanne M
19:00-21:00Advanced training
21:00-22:30Beginners training
The training is provided by:Bas
19:30-22:00Mixed training
The training is provided by:Lieke

Please do not arrive late to the trainings, we need everyone's help with setting up the hall! If you attend the last training please help cleaning up the hall. Cleaning up takes about 15 minutes.

If you would like advice on preventing or healing injuries, you can make an appointment at the free consultation by physiotherapist at X.

Address of the gym:
Gymzaal Sport en Cultuur, Hal 3
Mekelweg 8
2628 CD Delft