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Would you like to experience gymnastics? Do you want to feel the atmosphere at D.S.T. Pegasus? Do you want to check if you can still do some tricks you learned when you were young? Then join us in the week of 10 to 15 February to one (or more) of the open training sessions during the Free Try Outs at X.

The training times are as following:

20:00 – 21:45      mixed training
present at 19:30
21:15 – 23:00      mixed training
present at 21:15

19:30 – 21:00     beginners training 
present at 19:00
21:00 – 22:30      advanced training
present at 21:00

21:00 – 23:00      mixed training
present at 20:30

We would like to see you soon at one of our open trainings in hall X3!