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Power of Pegasus: Live the myth, become the legend!

With great excitement we present the theme reveal video for the LUSTRUM week in October 2023!


This year we will celebrate our 15th year of existence with a LUSTRUM week. The LuMa committee has worked hard to organize a week full of fun activities. We will start on the 7th of October with the opening party. Then on Sunday the 8th we have a hangover activity: Bob ross painting. On Monday the 9th we have a lunch and a special training: Superhero Training! Tuesday the 10th we have a surprise activity during the day and after a movie night. For Wednesday the 11th a cycling cocktailworkshop will be organized also with mocktails for the non-alcohol drinking people. On Thursday the 12th we invite our old-members to join us once again for a training with drinks afterwards to catch up. Friday the 13th we will organize a cantus sing-a-long with fun songs and lots of drinks. We end the week on October 14th with a Family day where you can invite family members to join us on a treasure hunt through Delft.

We start the LUSTRUM week strong with a party on Saturday October 7th. Be there so we can celebrate Pegasus turning 15 years old at exactly midnight! Make sure to share this post with all your friends, roommates and family and let’s dance all night long!

Date: October 7th
Time: 21.00-3.00 (doors open 21.00-23.00)
Location: DSB (Oude Delft 123)

The second day of the week we all need a nice relaxing uitbrakactiviteit because we’ll all have a hangover. And to summarize the things that happened the night before: we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents. You can guess it, we will have a Bob Ross painting session with our own master painter explaining every step of the way so you too can paint almighty pictures.

Date: October 8th
Time: 14.00-17.00
Location: Aan’t verlaat

Get ready to level up your superhero skills with our Monday’s superhero training! Join us for an exhilarating session filled with flips, tricks, and gravity-defying moves. Unleash your inner hero and soar to new heights!
Note: the second training will be a normal training, so if you don’t want to participate in the superhero training you can come to the second training.

Because being a superhero will require a lot of energy, we will have a delicious lunch earlier that day. Make sure to sign up for both activities!

Date: October 9th
Time: 12.30-13.30 & 19.30-21.15
Location: X

In the afternoon we will make a trip to the Schobbelèr distillery, the association drink of Pegasus! Here we will have a 3 hour tour including coffee/tea & kuukske, a tasting of 3 Schrobbelèr, a tour around the distillery and it will end in Schrobbelèr style. Make sure you will be there, because this is your chance to see how our association drink is made🥃.

Date: October 10th
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 (this is the starting time of the experience, make sure you are on time!)
Location:  Polluxstraat 29, Tilburg

On Tuesday we have 2 activities planned.
First in the afternoon we have a surprise activity for the real pegasus members💚 (we will reveal this activity later but make sure you keep the afternoon free)

After a fun afternoon away (or after a day of studying/work for the people that can not join the surprise activity), you can relax with a pizza and a movie with lots of snacks. We will organize an amazing chill zone and lots of pillows. Just put on your most hideous pajamas or most comfortable onesie, lay back and enjoy. Except for the pizza, the movie night is completely free!

Date: October 10th
Time: surprise activity (roughly) 12.00-19.00 & movie night 19.00-22.00
Location: TBD

What’s better than a regular workshop on Wednesday? A cocktail workshop of course!
This evening you’ll learn all the ins and outs of a few cocktails (maybe there will even be green cocktails). Of course we thought about the non drinking people too, for them we will have a mocktail workshop so everyone can enjoy a nice drink.

Date: October 11th
Time: 20.00-22.00
Location: TBD

On Thursday it’s time for a little reunion: the old-members training with drinks afterwards at Café X. Be there to do some gymnastics again, or to have a tea party around the magnesium bucket to hear or tell all the stories that happened during 15 years of Pegasus.

Date: October 12th
Time: 19.30-22.00
Location: X

Get your vocal cords ready for the Cantus Sing-a-long on Friday the 13th of October 🎶! We will serve you plenty of drinks while you sing famous songs with your fellow Pegasus members. Don’t know the lyrics to everything? Don’t worry, we got you covered. But make sure to keep your booklet alive and don’t lose it!

Date: October 13th
Time: 20.00-22.00
Location: Cultuurlab

After a whole week of fun activities, we arrive at the last one: the family day! On Saturday the 14th of October all parents, brothers, sisters and/or roommates are invited to Delft to have a special family day with the association. We start around 12.00 with lunch, then continue with a Delft treasure hunt and finish with a ‘borrel’ where you can play fun student games. We will also organize an optional dinner in a restaurant but this will be excluded in the price.

Date: October 14th
Time: 12.00-18:00
Location: Delft centre

The tickets are available in the Linktree @dst_pegasus!

With winged regards,

LuMa 2023