Are you a (new) student and would you like to become a member of DST Pegasus this year? Then register immediately on our subscription, or if you are unsure, register for the interest list! Because of the circumstances, our trainings don't quite look like they do normally. That's why we still don't have a definite idea to what extent there will be open trainings or something like that. Are you already sure you want to become a member of Pegasus? Then you can enrol right away and from next academic year you can join us in gymnastics! Would you like to take a look and be kept up to date about our trial trainings? Subscribe to the interest list and you will receive an information email from us in time. This email might be placed in the spam folder, so look out for that!


Link to the interest list:

The interest list is closed. Due to high interest, and a limited number of people allowed in the gymnastics hall, we currently don't allow non-members to have a try-out training.


Link to the subscription list:
Because of a large influx of new members, we currently don't accept new members If you have already been to one of our try-out trainings, you can still become a member. If this is the case, send a mail to

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