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The FACEPLANT is organizing a tasting competition in craft beers (speciaalbiertjes)🍻. The maximum price is 15 euros and you will get 6 beers. There is a short explanation on the 20th of December via zoom and then you have the Christmas break to try and study the given beers. The beers will have no label, so it is your job to find the correct brand and name. On the 8th of January we will announce the winner and celebrate with a New Years borrel!

Make sure to subscribe before the 9th of December!
You can get your beers the week after, on a yet to announce location in Delft.✌🏼

Form to signup with here.

Save the date:
09/12/2020: Subscription closes.
20/12/2020: Short explanation of craft beers and the rules.
20-8/12-1/2020-2021: Find out which beer is which.
08/01/2020: Winner announcement on the New Years borrel!*

This borrel is open to everyone, not just members of the competition.

For more information contact any member of the FACEPLANT commission!

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